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Seventeenth Century Art and Architecture

Год выпуска: 2008
Автор: Ann Sutherland Harris

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

Written by a leading scholar, Seventeenth Century Art: Architecture, 2/e is the only text on the market that introduces students to the three major art forms-painting, sculpture and architecture, across six countries. The text engagingly and effectively combines analytical discussions with an expansive collection of vivid, illuminating illustrations that teach students the major developments of art, painting, and architecture that emerged from seventeenth-century Western Europe, as well as the socio-political and cultural background of the period.

Table of Contents



Politics, Religion, and Art

The Economics of Art

Geography, Cosmology, and Astronomy

Concepts of the Body, Ancient and Modern

Education and Literacy

Artists Changing Status and Training

New Subjects, New Genres

Transforming the Renaissance and Baroque Art

Chapter 1 Italy

The Decline of Mannerism

Architecture and City Planning in Rome

Bolognese Painting: the Carracci Reform

Painting in Rome

Annibale Carracci in Rome

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Caravaggios Italian Followers

The Carracci Succession in Rome and Bologna

Architecture and City Planning in Rome

Italian Sculpture

Gian Lorenzo Berninis Early Career

Bernini, Algardi, and the Portrait Bust

The Competition: Alessandro Algardi and Francesco Duquesnoy

Bernini and Urban VIII

Algardi and Bernini during the Papacy of Innocent X

Painting in Rome

Pietro da Cortona

Andrea Sacchi

Pietro da Cortona in Florence and Rome

Carlo Maratta

Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Il Baciccio)

Painting in Naples

Chapter 2 Flanders

Peter Paul Rubens

Rubens in Italy, 16001608

Rubens in Antwerp, 16091622

Rubens, Diplomat and Artist, 16221630

Rubenss Last Decade, 16301640

Anthony van Dyck

Van Dyck in England and Italy, 16211627

Van Dycks Second Antwerp Period, 16271632

Van Dyck in England, 16321641

Jacob Jordaens

Still-Life and Genre Painters

Chapter 3 Spain

Spanish Architecture

Spanish Sculpture

Spanish Painting, 16001650

Jusepe de Ribera

Francisco de Zurbarn

Diego Velzquez in Seville

Velzquez in Madrid, 16231648

Velzquez in Italy, 16481651

Velzquez in Madrid, 16511660

Spanish Painting, 16501700

Bartolom Esteban Murillo

Juan de Valds Leal and Claudio Coello

Chapter 4 France

Architecture and City Planning

Paris: The Pont-Neuf, Places Dauphine and Royale and the Palais du Luxembourg

Paris under Richelieu and Mazarin: 16301660

Expansion under Louis XIV; The Louvre and Versailles

French Sculpture

Pierre Puget

Franois Girardon and Antoine Coysevox

French Painting and Printmaking

Simon Vouet

Valentin de Boulogne

Georges de la Tour

Simon Vouets Successors

Philippe de Champaigne

Nicolas Poussin in Paris and Rome

Poussin after 1630

Poussin and Landscape Painting

Poussins Last Works

Claude Lorrain and French Landscape Painting

Charles Le Brun and the Academy

Chapter 5 The Dutch Republic

Haarlem and the Creation of a Dutch National Style

The Haarlem Mannerists

The Utrecht Caravaggisti

Frans Hals and Dutch Portraiture

Town Planning and Architectural Developments in Haarlem and Amsterdam

Painting in Amsterdam

Rembrandt van Rijn and his School

Rembrandts Early Years in Leiden

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Rembrandts Self-Portraits

Rembrandt in Amsterdam, 163942

Rembrandts Landscape Prints and Drawings

Rembrandt after 1642

Rembrandts Artistic Heirs

Dutch Genre Painting before 1650

Judith Leyster

Dutch Genre Painting after 1650

Johannes Vermeer

Jan Steen

Landscape Painting before 1650

Early Tonal Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting after 1650

Chapter 6 England

English Painting before van Dyck

Portrait Painting in England after van Dyck

Palladianism and Architectural Planning in London

Inigo Jones

Christopher Wren





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