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Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fund-Raising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives

Год выпуска: 2009
Автор: Judy Allen

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

For event planners, theres no such thing as a dress rehearsal!

Any event you plan and stage is a reflection of your organizations image from the initial invitation to onsite operations. Whether youre planning a product launch, conference, sales meeting, an incentive event, or a gala fund-raiser, remember that the magic of a truly memorable event is in the details, but so is the devil. Whether your event is for 50 or 2,000 people, whether it has a budget of a few thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands, it has to be perfect. Fully revised and updated, Event Planning, Second Edition, gives you a blueprint for planning and executing special events with flair and without any unexpected surprises and expenses. This unique book is loaded with practical advice on:

  • Choosing the best venue
  • Preparing and managing the budget, with sample costing forms included
  • Scheduling, staffing, and collaborating with other related professionals
  • Coordinating food and beverage, dcor, entertainment, and themes.

Its still the comprehensive guide that it always has been, but much has changed in the industry in recent years, and this new edition of Event Planning includes:

  • Changes in security planning since 9/11
  • Innovations in technology and how they can improve or ruin an event
  • How to stage an environmentally friendly event
  • New and updated examples and case studies of where things went right and wrong
  • Event Risk Assessment What You Need to Consider before Contracting
  • How keep your budget on target and where to find hidden surcharges
  • Ways on how to ease airport stress and make air travel a pleasurable part of the participants event experience
  • When and When Event Planners and their Suppliers will need Work Visas
  • What you need to include in your clients event history in order to design your next event so that it maximizes your clients return on their event investment
  • A companion website with downloadable versions of the checklists, additional forms and tools, author Q&A, and more at www.wiley.ca/go/event_planning.

What you dont know or know to ask can have a major effect on the success of your event and on your budget. Event Planning takes you behind the scenes and through every aspect of organizing and executing a successful event: the planning stages, timing and logistics, budget preparation, operations, and on-site management, providing practical tools for anyone who has to plan and execute a truly special event:

  • Corporate in-house event planners
  • Public relations and communications companies, and their clients
  • Marketing and corporate communications professionals
  • Fund-raisers and not-for-profit organizations
  • Professionals in the hospitality and entertainment industries.
  • Business professionals in charge of planning and handling their companys events

Praise for Event Planning

"Allen is a good teacher. Wise planners will add Event Planning to their personal reference library as a useful working guide."
Meeting Professional Magazine

"A blueprint for executing events for 50 or 2,000, with budgets of a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands."
Success Magazine

"Event Planning will save beginning event planners from plenty of heartbreak and headaches."
Lisa Hurley, Editor, Special Events Magazine

"Event Planning gives readers a blueprint for planning and executing special events with flair. Consider the book as preventative maintenance."
Sales Promotion Magazine

"A guide to well planned events. Event Planning is a must for any PR maven."
Marketing Magazine

"This book will be a help to all event planners, from rank beginners to seasoned professionals. It provides excellent guidelines as well as helpful details."
Katherine Kossuth, Director of Operations and Special Events, Canadian Film Center

"Sometimes a name just says it all. That's the case with the updated second edition of Judy Allen's Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives, and Other Special Events. Allen not only delivers on the title's comprehensive promise, but also addresses changes in the industry since the first edition was published in 2000, such as the increased role of procurement and the growth of virtual events. Each chapter provides tips and sample checklists and outlines the paths to follow and the pitfalls to avoid in every aspect of meeting planning, from venue selection to on-site execution." Corporate Meetings and Incentive Magazine / MeetingsNet.com

"I recommend that Judy Allen's book, Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide 2nd edition, become your Bible for approaching your next affair, whether it's a meeting, conference, incentive travel function or fundraising gala. My copy has highlighting on virtually every page. Yours will, too. After you've read this book (or one of ten others she's authored), you'll be an expert on creating unforgettable events your attendees will enjoy and remember for a very long time." Dave Egan, Head Writer, Writers Direct Group

For downloadable versions of the checklists, additional forms and tools, author Q&A, and more, please visit our companion website at www.wiley.ca/go/event_planning.


This bestselling all-in-one guide to the event planning business is back and better than ever, fully updated and revised to reflect the very latest trends and best practices in the industry. This handy, comprehensive guide includes forms, checklists, and tips for managing events, as well as examples and case studies of both successful and unsuccessful events.

Judy Allen (Toronto, ON, Canada) is founder and President of Judy Allen Productions, a full-service event planning production company.

About the Author

Judy Allen is one of the worlds leading authorities on staging, event and lifestyle design and the bestselling author of ten books for the professional, business and consumer markets. Allen, a master of creative design, has flawlessly executed successful special eventscorporate, social, and celebrityfor up to 2,000 guests at a time in more than 30 countries around the world. She has designed and produced memorable events such as Disneys worldwide theatrical opening-night gala for Beauty and the Beast, and the orchestration of Oscar-winning director Norman Jewisons 25th anniversary celebration for Fiddler on the Roof.

Highly skilled in staging events that are strategically designed to be one-of-kind experiences and a master of transforming the energy of an event environment by engaging the senses with trademark primary design principles, Allen has worked closely with CEOs, CFOs, presidents and their executive staff around the globe to create, implement and oversee their corporate and social business events.

The many diverse events that Allen has designed and executed extend from complex one-day events to elaborate arrangements of theme productions taking place over the course of a week. These events ranged from very exclusive VIP events to multimillion-dollar, multimedia fantasy extravaganzas including seven new-car product launches and involved high-tech stage and show productions.

Allen, and her 2jproductions (www.2jproductions.com) partner, Joe Shane, are now bringing their dynamic creative energy, innovative style and perceptive insight to home, life and lifestyle design and world class resorts around the world through Sensual Home Living (www.sensualhomeliving.com) and other initiatives.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1:The First Steps: Initial Planning and Budgeting.

How Much Can You Spend?

The Purpose of the Event.

Initial Planning.


Budget Breakdown.

Chapter 2: Organization and Timing.

Critical Path.

Function Sheets.

Timing Is Everything.

The Time of the Day and the Day of the Week.

Date Selection,

Chapter 3: Location, Location, Location.

Site Selection.

Location Requirements.

Hotels and Convention Centres.

Restaurant, Private Venues, Catering.

Location: Q&A.




Gala Openings in New Venues.

Chapter 4: Transportation.


Motor Coaches.

Parking Transportation: Q&A.

Chapter 5: Guest Arrival.

Weather Considerations.

Arrival & Weather Considerations: Q&A.


Fanfare: Q&A.

Registration: Guest Pass Security and Ticket Pick-up.

Registration: Q&A.

Chapter 6: Venue Requirements.

Staging, Audio-Visual, Lighting.

Staging, Audio-Visual, Lighting: Q&A.

Room Requirements: Q&A.

Chapter 7: Who's It All For?

The Guest List.



Media: Q&A.

Children At Your Event.

Chapter 8: Food and Beverage.

Menu Planning.


Chapter 9: Other Considerations.


Entertainment: Q&A.


Photographer: Q&A.

Themes and Programs.

Final Touches.


It's A Wrap.

Applause! Applause!

Your Next Event.

Appendix A: Sample Cost Sheets.

Appendix B: Sample Payment Schedules.

Appendix C: Sample Function Sheets.


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