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Cases in Hospitality Management A Critical Incident Approach

Год выпуска: 2005
Автор: Timothy R Hinkin

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

Your guide to becoming an effective hospitality manager

The hospitality industry is a "people" business. Whether dealing with guests or customers, managers or coworkers, those who work in this industry interact with other people perhaps more than in any other. And unlike many other industries, graduates entering the hospitality industry will quickly be assuming managerial roles. One of the only casebooks available that focuses specifically on hospitality management, Cases in Hospitality Management prepares readers to be successful managers by providing an effective connection between hospitality management theory and real-world workplace scenarios.

Whether managing a kitchen, dining room, front desk, travel agency, fast-food restaurant, or an entire hotel, employees seek cues and reinforcement from managers to guide their behavior. Cases in Hospitality Management provides readers with the opportunity to apply their knowledge, experience, and management skills, allowing them to think quickly on their feet and react appropriately in a wide variety of settings. By analyzing and understanding the causes and effects of a number of real, critical incidents, readers will be better prepared to effectively deal with similar situations when they face them on the job.

This new, updated Second Edition features:

  • Fifteen all-new cases dealing with a variety of managerial topics including technology, human resource management, customer service, and ethics
  • A broad array of real industry cases, including airlines, railroads, private clubs, conference centers, travel agents, auto rental, hotels, and restaurants
  • A new Technology section that explores data warehousing, the Internet, and electronic banking
  • A new Service Exemplars section that presents incidents involving truly exceptional service in a variety of contextsfrom trains to resorts
  • A new Service Recovery section presents examples of companies failing to salvage service encounters that have gone awry


Cases in Hospitality Management: A Critical Incident Approach, Second Edition is one of the few casebooks on the market that focuses specifically on hospitality management. It adopts a critical incident approach, so that the cases are not long and confusing, but rather, highlight the issues and are representative of a wide range the complexities that face managers on the hospitality industry on a day to day basis.

About the Author

TIMOTHY R. HINKIN is a Professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. He is the author of the first edition of Cases in Hospitality Management as well as numerous articles in the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Hospitality Research Journal, and the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly. His primary research focuses are supervisor-subordinate relationships, power and influence in organizations, group dynamics, and service quality.

Table of Contents




Case 1. Sunspot Resorts.

Case 2. The Hawaiian Village.

Case 3. A Dog-Eat-Dog World.

Case 4. Seaside Plantations.

Case 5. The Decision to Serve.


Case 6. The Promotion Decision.

Case 7. The Swimming Pool.

Case 8. Spas International.

Case 9. The Apprentice Chef.

Case 10. Bongo's.


Case 11. The University Conference Center.

Case 12. The New Sales Manager.

Case 13. The Incentive System.

Case 14. The River Walk Caf.

Case 15. The Cedars.


Case 16. The Shared Suite.

Case 17. Leaving From Rome.

Case 18. Room Service, Please.

Case 19. The Wounded Bird.

Case 20. The Three Hour Brunch.


Case 21. The Service Guarantee.

Case 22. The Parking Lot.

Case 23. Bank of USA.

Case 24. The Minibar Charge.

Case 25. 100% Occupancy.


Case 26. The Reinstatement.

Case 27. The Job Opening.

Case 28. The Suarro Inn.

Case 29. Burrito Sisters.

Case 30. The Department Meeting.


Case 31. The Amateur Travel Agent.

Case 32. The Concierge's Computer.

Case 33. Direct Deposit.

Case 34. The Wireless Internet.

Case 35. Casino CRM.


Case 36. The Broadbeach.

Case 37. The Tarragassett Inn.

Case 38. The Tour Voucher.

Case 39. The Headwaiter.

Case 40. The Mystery Shopper.


Case 41. The CD Player.

Case 42. Special Needs.

Case 43. First Class Upgrade.

Case 44. The Spanish Homework.

Case 45. The Antler Hotel.


Case 46. The Stolen Sunglasses.

Case 47. The ICO Conference.

Case 48. The Airline's Response.

Case 49. It Stinks.

Case 50. Rob Jones Corporation.

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