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Cengage Advantage Books: Essentials of Business Law

Год выпуска: 2014
Автор: Jeffrey F. Beatty and Susan S. Samuelson

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

No other text conveys such a passion for this profoundly important discipline. Delivering the material in their signature engaging style, the authors pepper their writing with a focus on human conflict that illustrates legal issues from the business manager's perspective. While more brief than traditional business law texts, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS LAW, 5TH Edition provides solid coverage of the core topics, especially contracts.


"I love ALL the versions of the Beatty Samuelson textbook for the following reasons: it's funny and engaging; the examples used by authors are very good; students report on my evaluations that they discussed the book with their parents and friends and many students intend to keep the textbook for their own interest after the course is finished. Essentials has a good price as compared to the hardcover while the coverage is more or less the same."


"The case summaries which present excerpts and concise summaries of the facts/opinion are a wonderful asset of this text. Additionally, the layout (breaking up large amounts of text with illustrations, cases and other examples) makes this an easier text for students to read. Additionally, the organization of the textbook (in terms of chapters) is conducive to teaching business law."


"I adopted this text because of the readability of the textbook. Reading and comprehension is one of the biggest challenges that students face today. Any text that I use has to be one that students can read and understand. Most of the students taking our Business Law I course are Business majors, not pre-law so being able to digest the material is very important."

About the Author

Jeffrey F. Beatty was a two-time winner of the Beckwith Prize, Boston University's highest undergraduate teaching award. His research expertise included constitutional law, torts, contracts, and the uniform commercial code. In 1998, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) awarded him the Charles Hewitt Award for excellence in teaching, presented annually to one professor in the United States. The highest honor for teaching conferred by the ALSB, this award is dedicated to the communication and recognition of creative teaching practices of business law. Prior to his teaching, Professor Beatty worked for several years as a legal aid lawyer, concentrating on immigration law and general civil litigation. He also practiced in a private firm, where he concentrated on general civil litigation, including trials and appeals of tort, contract, employment, and property cases. Susan S. Samuelson is a tenured full professor in the Business Policy and Law Department of the School of Management at Boston University, where she has been awarded the Broderick Prize in recognition of outstanding teaching accomplishments. She teaches both law and ethics to undergraduates, graduate students, and executives. Professor Samuelson's research has focused on securities law and the management of lawyers (in both law firms and corporations). Her articles have appeared in the BOSTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, OHIO STATE LAW JOURNAL, and SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW, among others. She practiced law in the corporate department of the law firm Choate, Hall, and Stewart. She earned both an AB and JD at Harvard University.

Table of Contents

UNIT 1 THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT. 1. Introduction to Law. 2. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. 3. Dispute Resolution. 4. Common Law, Statutory Law, and Administrative Law. 5. Constitutional Law. 6. Torts and Product Liability. 7. Crime. 8. International Law. UNIT 2 CONTRACTS. 9. Introduction to Contracts. 10. Agreement. 11. Consideration. 12. Legality. 13. Capacity and Consent. 14. Written Contracts. 15. Third Parties. 16. Performance and Discharge. 17. Remedies. 18. Practical Contracts. UNIT 3 COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS. 19. Introduction to Sales. 20. Ownership, Risk, and Warranties. 21. Performance and Remedies. 22. Negotiable Instruments. 23. Secured Transactions. 24. Bankruptcy. UNIT 4 EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, AND PROPERTY. 25. Agency. 26. Employment and Labor Law. 27. Employment Discrimination. 28. Starting a Business. 29. Corporations. 30. Government Regulations, Securities, and Antitrust. 31. Consumer Protection. 32. Cyberlaw. 33. Intellectual Property. 34. Real and Personal Property.

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