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Career Management

Год выпуска: 2009
Автор: Jeffrey H. Greenhaus and Gerard A. Callanan and Veronica M. Godshalk

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Publisher Comments

*Now published by SAGE*

Career Management, Fourth Edition blends theory, practical recommendations, and case studies to help students develop the necessary skills to manage their own careers or to act as a human resource manager assisting others as they develop their careers. Offering a useful combination of both individual and organizational actions relevant in career management, the authors introduce students to basic concepts underlying theory and then illustrate their practical applications, either with regard to an individual s career or within firms. Now in a two color design, the Fourth Edition retains the authors well-established career management model, providing a helpful framework for establishing career goals and for making appropriate career choices. This thoroughly revised edition provides new ways of conceptualizing careers along with an understanding of modern trends in the business world and the broader environment that influence career decision making. Key Features- *NEW* Chapter-ending cases: Each chapter now ends with a topical real-life case that examines either individual or organizational career management. These scenarios highlight core chapter material and are accompanied by critical thinking questions, making them useful for guiding classroom discussion. Practical pedagogy reinforces the theories and research presented: Updated and streamlined learning exercises allow individuals to practice specific competencies involving career exploration, goal setting, strategy development, and the identification of a preferred work environment. Applied examples throughout the text illustrate key ideas, bringing them to life. Significant new material brings the text up to date: This edition addresses international careers, social capital, mentoring, and entrepreneurship; updated information on different forms of self-assessment (for learning about one s values, interests, talents, personality, and lifestyle preferences); and a new chapter on Career Contexts and Stages. Ancillaries A companion Web site at www.sagepub.com/greenhaus4e includes: Password-protected instructor resources, including PowerPoint slides, test questions, and teaching guides for the chapters. Open-access student study materials, online versions of in-text exercises, links to relevant Web sites, and full-text SAGE journal articles that accompany the chapter material.


Career Management, 4e is designed to help students understand themselves and their careers, to develop the skills necessary to manage their careers effectively, and to act as a mentor or human resource manager helping other workers develop their own careers. This new edition is a thorough revision of the third edition of the text, capturing new and emerging theories and issues related to career management. It also incorporates significant new material, such as international careers, social capital, mentoring, and entrepreneurship.The Fourth Edition features: Balance of theory and practiceContinued application of the book's well-established model of career managementMixture of individual and organizational actions regarding career managementUpdated and streamlined learning exercises integrated into the text to help readers practice career management skillsFine-tuning of existing section-ending cases and preparation of additional casesEnd-of-chapter summaries, assignments, and discussion questions

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