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Communicating the New: Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation

Год выпуска: 2013
Автор: Kim Erwin

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

"Communicating radical innovation is very different from discussing marginal change. Erwin's book provides a serious analysis of why, in this era of VUCAVolatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguitywe need to change our individual and organizational modes of communication. Erwin then provides a series of concrete, practical communication methodologies that we so need. Communicating the New is a book that needs to be offered in all of our best business-school classes."

Bruce Nussbaum, author of Creative Intelligence, former assistant managing editor for BusinessWeek, and Professor of Innovation & Design at Parsons The New School of Design

"One of the main problems with executing innovation in organizations is also one of the least obvious. Communicating The New reminds us about an often neglected but crucial part in the innovation process. Applying the principles contained in this book will increase your chances for innovation success, both inside your companyovercoming organizational barriers, as well as outsideconvincing your customers. This is an essential read for those who not only preach for improving the current state of things, but more important to those responsible for executing it."

Luis Arnal, Managing Partner, INSITUM

"I was hooked instantly. The names of people that I should give this book to keep building with each new chapter. Communicating the New is thorough as well as thoughtful in providing an impressive compendium of models, framework, methods, and tools for navigating the 21st-century challenges of creating The New. Finally, a useful resource to navigate the complexity of creating The New."

Clement Mok, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Instigator

"Anyone who has experienced the challenge of co-creating The New and engaging enterprise audiences will find useful ways to produce insight, influence, and impact."

Paul Siebert, Director of Research + Strategy, Steelcase


This book describes and demonstrates methods for communication in the design thinking/innovation process throughout all stages of the process, not just the end. It introduces core concepts and methods that help manage complexity, accelerate synthesis, bring clarity and diffuse important knowledge to the people who need to act on it. This book offers everyone who is involved in design thinking with a practical toolkit for how to use communication at every step of the innovation process to tame and frame the inherent complexity of creating "the new."


A practical toolkit for using communication at every step of the innovation process

Many creators of The New are paying attention to the growing body of methods and frameworks for managing innovation. But among innovation management methods, what is missing is an equally considered and robust playbook for how to explain that workto ourselves, to our teammates, and to othersand for how to engage others in advancing new ideas into organizations and markets.

Communicating The New reframes the role of communication in the innovation process as a powerful integrative tool for individuals and teams. It introduces core concepts and methods that help manage complexity; accelerate synthesis; and clarify and diffuse important knowledge for the people who need to act on it. To do so, it presents a framework and methods to help innovators address five distinct moments in which communication methods can advance the development process. Along the way, the book outlines a new communication mission for innovators, one that prioritizes the engagement, alignment and judgment of the many human beings involved in the work, so that communicating The New and creating The New become inseparable acts.

This innovative guide:

  • Reveals how to use communication to tame and frame the inherent complexity of creating The New
  • Offers robust methods for making the innovation process clear, coherent, and accessible to others
  • Presents a collaborative approach that brings together people from different disciplines to explore new ideas effectively
  • Applies to the creation of new products, environments, processes, policies, experiences, and more

About the Author

KIM ERWIN is an Assistant Professor at the IIT Institute of Design. She comes to academia after fifteen years in the design planning field. In her professional practice, Kim specializes in the information-intensive areas of the planning process, focusing on the communication of user research and strategy for innovation, and has done so for such companies as Motorola, Texas Instruments, Alamo Rent A Car, and other innovation-curious firms.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Mission and the Mess 1

Challenges of communicating The New 3

Whats in our way? Three communication myths 4

Reconceiving the role of communication 7

Five ways communication methods accelerate innovation 11

1 Finding the Conceptual Center 16

Models and frameworks: Thinking with our eyes 19

How to make models work 28

Build-to-think prototypes: Thinking with our hands 42

Lists and open-ended writing: Thinking with words 50

The Takeaway: Five big ideas when seeking the conceptual center 62

2 Framing the Work 64

Metaphors 69

Mantras and catchphrases 84

Contrast 92

Stories 98

Artifacts and images 108

How (and why) to use multiple frames to greater effect 112

The Takeaway: Five big ideas when framing the work 114

3 Targeting Your Constituents 118

The communication plan 126

Mental model and orthodoxy analysis 129

Quad A diagnostic 135

The Organization as Culture framework 137

Segmenting and targeting constituents 141

The Takeaway: Four big ideas when targeting constituents 144

4 Introduce New Thinking 146

Exploratory experiences 155

Immersion experiences 160

Interaction experiences 165

Application experiences 172

Extension experiences 176

The Takeaway: Five big ideas when introducing new thinking 180

5 Expand the Conversation 184

Communication systems: Give them something rich and relevant 188

Performative presentations: Give them something to talk about 198

Demonstration artifacts: Give them something to show and share 208

The Takeaway: Five big ideas when expanding the conversation 228

Conclusion 230

Five big shifts in thinking (and doing) 231

Advancing the methods base 234

Under the hood: Theories, writers and references 236

Index 253

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