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Build Your Dream Network Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper Connected World

Год выпуска: 2017
Автор: Kelly Hoey

Synopses & Reviews


Networking specialist Hoey shares her expertise in an easy to use guide to the art of networking in the new economy. Kellys important guidance begins by laying out the steps necessary to forge meaningful relationships and then moves towards encouraging readers to keep this process alive. The heart of Hoeys methodology consists of a three step process: determine your goal determine who can help you and form a plan for connecting with these people. She attests that continuing to build and expand her network is not something she enjoys doing but rather something she feels she must do. A smartly structured chapter entitled A Networked Career includes a fabulous list of the many ways one can benefit from effective networking such as securing employment or acquiring investment funding. Most notable are the interesting Qamp;A sessions interspersed throughout wherein networking gurus relate inspiring stories benefits reaped from networking and their biggest mistakes. Kelly marvelously succeeds in instilling in her readers the attitude that whether one is attempting to secure a job find a publisher or finance a new business venture tapping into the right network is the answer. Agent: Brandi Bowles Foundry Literary + Media. (Jan.) " Publishers Weekly Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved."


Cut through the networking noise and start building the powerful, real relationships needed to succeed in our digital world

If you think of networking as schmoozing at boring cocktail parties or scrolling through LinkedIn for new contacts to add, think again. In the social media age, you need a modern roadmap for creating and cultivating meaningful connections to stand out from the crowd and achieve any of your goals, no matter how big or small.
In Build Your Dream Network, acclaimed business columnist and networking expert J. Kelly Hoey offers a fresh new approach to mastering this timeworn skill in a world where everyone is posting, liking, and friending fast and furiously, but many are failing to leverage their connections successfully. Hoey presents innovative strategies for forming strong relationships--the genuine, mutually beneficial, long-lasting kind--using all of the social tools at your disposal. She also reveals creative and surprisingly simple ways to harness the power of your network to accomplish any ambition, from landing your dream job or a coveted account or client to successfully crowdfunding a new business venture. Build Your Dream Network will help you:
- Determine the most effective ways to connect with others so you don't clutter your calendar with dead-end coffee dates and informational interviews
- Synchronize IRL networking efforts with your digital outreach
- Turn "closed door" conversations into strong personal relationships and business opportunities
- Eliminate FOMO by keeping your networking efforts focused
Packed with infographics, flowcharts, and encouraging advice, Build Your Dream Network shows how small adjustments in your daily routine, generosity, and goal-focused efforts are all it takes to set you apart and ignite the powerful connections that will lead to major opportunities for success.

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