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Operations and Supply Chain Management, Binder Ready Version

Год выпуска: 2013
Автор: Roberta S. Russell and Bernard W. Taylor

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Publisher Comments

This text is an unbound, binder-ready version.

Russell and Taylor's Operations and Supply Chain Management, 8th Edition is designed to teach students how to analyze processes, ensure quality, create value, and manage the flow of information and products, while creating value along the supply chain in a global environment.

Russell and Taylor explain and clearly demonstrate the skills needed to be a successful operations manager. Most importantly, Operations Management 8e makes the quantitative topics easy for students to understand and the mathematical applications less intimidating. With WileyPLUS, students can practice and complete homework in an automated online environment that facilitates learning and understanding, while quickly accessing the eBook and student resources.

In the 8th Edition, the production process and global supply chain of denim is used to introduce OM topics, and helps students see how all of the pieces of operations management fit together. Appropriate for students preparing for careers across functional areas of the business environment, Operations Management 8e provides foundational understanding of both qualitative and quantitative operations management processes.

Table of Contents


1 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management 1

S1 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Decision Analysis 33

2 Quality Management 52

3 Statistical Process Control 107

S3 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Acceptance Sampling 150

4 Product Design 158

5 Service Design 192

6 Processes and Technology 228

7 Capacity and Facilities Design 259

S7 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Facility Location Models 298

8 Human Resources 317

S8 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Work Measurement 350

9 Project Management 367


10 Supply Chain Management Strategy and Design 422

11 Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution 451

S11 Operational Decison-Making Tools: Transportation and Transshipment Models 477

12 Forecasting 498

13 Inventory Management 558

S13 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Simulation 594

14 Sales and Operations Planning 610

S14 Operational Decision-Making Tools: Linear Programming 648

15 Resource Planning 679

16 Lean Systems 722

17 Scheduling 759

APPENDIX ASolutions to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems


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