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Fifth Trimester The Working Moms Guide to Style Sanity & Big Success After Baby

Год выпуска: 2017
Автор: Lauren Smith Brody

Synopses & Reviews


Veteran womens magazine editor Brody writes nimbly and wisely about a subject she is well versed in: the conflicts struggles and triumphs of returning to work after having a baby. Brody was an editor at Glamour when the first of her two children was born and like many working mothers in the U.S. she returned to her office at the end of her 12 week leave just when baby wakes up to the world. The timing argues Brody is unfortunate but working women must nevertheless find ways to cope with the transitional period that she calls the fifth trimester. In 12 solution packed chapters Brody covers (among many other topics) childcare sleep deprivation wardrobe breast pumping and dads involvement basing her advice not only on her own experiences but on input from more than 700 survey respondents. In addition to discussing solemn subjects such as postpartum depression Brody makes her readers laugh with commentary on subjects such as preparing for the inevitability that your baby will puke on you. The meatiest chapter is the last in which Brody provides tips for communicating with employers. Working moms will find a wealth of ideas to help navigate the challenging transition period in this friendly and practical guide. (Apr.)" Publishers Weekly Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved."


The Fifth Trimester is your new best friend: a brilliant, tells-it-like-it-is guide that helps moms cope with the demands of the real world after the baby arrives
The first three trimesters (and the fourth those blurry newborn days) are for the baby, but the Fifth Trimester is when the working mom is born. No matter what the job or how you define work, you're going to have a lot of questions. When will I go back? How should I manage that initial "I want to quit" attack? Flex-time or full-time? How can I achieve 50/50 at home with my partner? What's the best option for childcare? Is it possible to look like I slept for eight hours instead of three? And . . . why is there never a convenient space to pump?
Whether you're in the final stages of pregnancy or hitting the panic button on your last day of leave, The Fifth Trimester is your one-stop shop for the honest, funny, and comforting tips, to-do lists, and take-charge strategies you'll need to embrace your new identity as a working parent and set yourself up for success.
Based on interviews with 700+ candidly speaking moms in wildly varied fields and incredible expert advice, The Fifth Trimester tackles every personal and professional detail with the wit, warmth, and inspiration you need to win when you head back to work.
Like What to Expect When You're Expecting and The Happiest Baby on the Block, this is an indispensable guide every new mom needs on her shelf."

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