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Organizational Communication Approaches & Processes

Год выпуска: 2014
Автор: Katherine Miller

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION: APPROACHES AND PROCESSES presents organizational communication from both a communication and managerial perspective. Professor Miller's clear writing style and consistent use of examples and case studies result in a text that you'll find easy to understand.


"I've used the Miller book in this course now for many years. I've done so because it is a skillful representation of where the field has been and where it is at. Kathy does an amazing job weaving in representative classic research from the field along with contemporary sources and new developments. Second, I think the book is highly readable. Kathy is an excellent writer and is able to convey complex theoretical ideas and research in language accessible to our undergraduate students."


"I like several things about the book. First, it provides a pretty balanced approach between theory and practical issues. Each chapter typically includes theoretical/scholarly approaches to Org Comm, and also includes practical information, as examples or case studies. Second, the book is written in a very concise manner. Each chapter of the Miller book can be broken up into relatively short, but information heavy reading segments. So our busy students don't have to read extra-long chapters to get much foundational information. Finally, the book effectively covers most of the critical Org Comm issues, both foundational issues and more contemporary issues."

About the Author

Dr. Katherine Miller is a leading scholar on communication in healthcare organizations. She holds bachelors and masters degrees in communication from Michigan State University, and a doctorate from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. She served on the faculties of the University of Kansas, Arizona State University, and Michigan State University, and has been a professor in Texas A&M University's Department of Communication since 1998. Dr. Miller is the author of three books and more than 50 journal articles and book chapters.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents. Preface. 1. The Challenge of Organizational Communication. 2. Classical Approaches. 3. Human Relations and Human Resources Approaches. 4. Systems Approaches. 5. Cultural Approaches. 6. Critical Approaches. 7. Socialization Processes. 8. Decision-Making Processes. 9. Conflict Management Processes. 10. Organizational Change and Leadership Processes. 11. Processes of Emotion in the Workplace. 12. Organizational Diversity Processes. 13. Technological. 14. The Changing Landscape of Organizations. References. Name Index. Subject Index.

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