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Small Business Marketing For Dummies

Год выпуска: 2001-04-01
Автор: Barbara Fin Schenck

Synopses & Reviews

Publisher Comments

Whether you run a single-person home office, a small firm, or even a local nonprofit, to succeed in todays changing, hyper-competitive marketplace, you need to know everything you can about finding, winning and keeping customersmarketing in other words. The competitive lifeline of any business, large or small, marketing isnt just about placing an ad in the local penny saverits about establishing an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers that influences nearly every phase of your operation, from product development, pricing, packaging and distribution, to advertising, public relations, sales, and customer service.

Small Business Marketing For Dummies is your road map to successful marketing. Packed with savvy tips and easy-to-implement action steps, this street smart guide arms you with the ammunition you need to survive and thrive in the war for profits and market share. You get proven strategies that help you:

  • Expand your customer base
  • Earn your customers undying loyalty
  • Get more repeat business and customer referrals
  • Get the word out with low-cost, high-impact campaigns
  • Generate publicity and word-of-mouth
  • Stay one-step ahead of the competition

Find out why dont have to have to have a million-dollar marketing budget to wage a solid-gold marketing campaign. Experts Barbara Findlay Schenck and Linda English walk you step-by-step through the entire marketing process, offering sage advice and guidance on:

  • Developing a winning marketing strategy
  • Defining your target market and customer profile
  • Creating a killer marketing plan
  • Establishing your position and brand
  • Creating effective low-cost advertising campaigns
  • Writing high-impact press releases and television and radio ads
  • Marketing on the Internetincludes proven tips for how to build a website and generate online traffic
  • Building customer loyalty with superior customer service

There are currently five million small businesses with fewer than 20 employees in America, and that number is expected to rise steadily over the next decade. Small Business Marketing For Dummies supplies you with the marketing know-how you need to stay out ahead of the pack.


Entrepreneurship is booming. And more people with great ideas face the age-old challenge of marketing their products and services. This book gives small business owners marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to their special needs and take into account their lack of time, money, and staff. Coverage includes:
-- Savvy marketing methods developed by pros
-- A guide to marketing effectively on the Internet
-- Outlines for creating marketing plans and finding customers
-- Strategies for building an image for a new business and using a wide spectrum of media
-- Online resources to help a small business grow


Having your own business isnt the same as having customers, and one is useless without the other. Whether your business is a resale store or a high-tech consulting firm, a law office or a home cleaning service, in todays competitive environment, strategic marketing is essential.

Small Business Marketing For Dummies, Second Edition is updated from the original version that won rave reviews and inspired thousands of small businesses on their way to becoming big businesses. Updates include more information on online marketing, a whole new section on getting and keeping customers, new cost-effective, fast-acting ideas for instant impact, and more. The book covers:

  • Marketing basics that prepare you to rev up your business and jumpstart your marketing program
  • Information to help you define your business position and brand
  • Advice on bringing in professionals
  • A quick-reference guide to mass media and a glossary of advertising jargon
  • How-tos for creating print and broadcast ads that work
  • Ideas for getting the word out without advertising, including information on direct mail, brochures, publicity, promotions, and more
  • Ten steps to follow to build your own easy-to-assemble marketing plan

With pages of ideas for low-cost, high-impact marketing from author Barbara Findlay Schenck, a marketing consultant with more than 20 years experience with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Small Business Marketing For Dummies, Second Edition helps you reach and keep new customers. Whether youre running a home office, a small firm, a family business, a nonprofit organization, or a retail operation, youll discover how to:

  • Custom design your own marketing program
  • Create effective marketing messages
  • Produce marketing communications that work

No matter what field youre in, Small Business Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition will help you make your dreams come true. If you buy it, read it, and implement some of the marketing strategies discussed, customers will come.


Use the Internet to spread the word about your business

Harness the power of marketing and watch your business grow

If you want your small business to grow, you need a marketing strategy that works. But how do you get people to notice your business without spending a fortune? Packed with savvy tips for low-cost, high-impact campaigns, this friendly guide is your road map to a great marketing campaign, from ads and direct mail to public relations and the Internet.

Discover how to:

  • Develop the right marketing strategy
  • Establish your position and brand
  • Create effective advertising campaigns
  • Generate publicity and word-of-mouth
  • Maximize Internet marketing opportunities


"Small Business Marketing For Dummies can make you a marketing genius. Read it and reap." Rieva Lesonsky, Entrepreneur Praise for Small Business Marketing For Dummies "Barbara's effervescent, can-do spirit permeates this book. Her understandable and realistically actionable advice gives you the street smart steps to do the right things." Bob Boylan, executive presentation consultant and president, Successful Presentations " clear your shelf of all other marketing books. you only need one and this is it! The accuracy and detail of this concise volume is remarkable. This book reads like you're getting the real scoop from a trusted friend only this friend is a knowledgeable marketing pro." Robert L. Newhart II, CEO, Oregon Innovation Center

Get the scoop on advertising, PR, and Web marketing

Harness the power of marketing and watch your business grow If you want to take your business to the next level, you need a sound marketing strategy. But where do you start? Packed with savvy tips for low-cost, high-impact campaigns, this friendly guide is your road map to successful marketing, from ads and direct mail to public relations and the Internet.

Discover how to: Develop the right marketing strategy Establish your position and brand Create effective advertising campaigns Generate publicity and word-of-mouth Put Internet marketing to work

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About the Author

Barbara Findlay Schenck has been a marketing consultant for more than 20 years, with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Linda English is an Internet marketing expert who worked at Microsoft for 10 years.

Table of Contents


PART I: Getting Started in Marketing.

Chapter 1: A Helicopter View of the Marketing Process.

Chapter 2: All about Customers: Your Reason for Being.

Chapter 3: Your Product: Seeing It through Your Customers' Eyes.

Chapter 4: Sizing Up Competitors and Growing Your Share of the Market.

Chapter 5: Setting Goals, Objectives, and Strategies.

PART II: Sharpening Your Marketing Focus.

Chapter 6: Taking a Business Impression Inventory.

Chapter 7: Establishing Your Position and Brand.

Chapter 8: Getting Strategic Before You Get Creative.

Chapter 9: Getting Help for Your Marketing Program.

PART III: Getting the Word Out.

Chapter 10: Mastering the Basics of Advertising and Media Planning.

Chapter 11: Creating Ads for Newspapers, Magazines, and Directories.

Chapter 12: Broadcasting Your Message on Radio and TV.

Chapter 13: Mailing Direct to Your Market.

Chapter 14: Brochures, Promotions, Trade Shows, and Other Communication Tools.

Chapter 15: Getting Ink and Air: Public Relations and Publicity.

PART IV: Marketing Online.

Chapter 16: Putting the Internet to Work for Your Business.

Chapter 17: Answering the Web Question: To Make a Site or Not?

Chapter 18: Building Your Web Site.

Chapter 19: Driving Traffic to Your Web Site.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Name.

Chapter 21: Nine Truths and Ten Tips about Customer Service.

Chapter 22: Ten Steps to a Marketing Plan.

Appendix A: Where to Find More Information.

Appendix B: Glossary of Marketing Terms.


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