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Small Business Marketing in a Week

Год выпуска: 2016-04-05
Автор: John Sealey

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Understand small business marketing fast, without cutting corners
The ability to market your business is crucial to anyone who wants to grow their start up and build a brand. In this short, accessible book, John Sealey shares a lifetime of hard-earned wisdom and practical advice, giving you, in straightforward language, all the insight you need to nail your small business marketing. The 'in a week' structure explains the essentials of small business marketing over just 7 days:
Sunday: Understand the principles that will clearly identify where your business is currently and what needs to be done
Monday: Ensure you are sowing the right seeds to attract the right type of customers with your existing marketing strategies
Tuesday: Discover how to keep your customers longer and improve your conversion rates
Wednesday: Increase customer loyalty and frequency of purchase by integrating your customers into your business
Thursday: Increase the value of your sales with effective, efficient systems and processes to drive down wastage
Friday: Grow your business by attracting new clients and building stronger relationships
Saturday: Manage your marketing activities to improve the return on your investment for the future
At the end there are questions to ensure you have taken it all in and cartoons, diagrams and visual aids throughout help make Small Business Marketing In A Week an enjoyable and effective learning experience.
So what are you waiting for? Take the fast track to successful small business marketing


Marketing your small business just got easier
It's been said that the most important area for any business to focus on is its marketing. Of course, there are areas like finance, customer service, and the product or service itself which are key, but without good marketing approaches, there's no revenue for your account systems to do their job,
there's no customer to serve and the product or service becomes redundant.
Most business owners are experts in what they do and so they should be. What they also have to be good at is marketing what they do. And if you feel there's more you could be doing on the marketing front, then this book will give you those ideas. As a small business owner you get involved in all aspects of your business and marketing is such a large field, you can't be expected to learn everything you need in one day. So to break down this behemoth of a topic, we'll approach it a bite at a time.
You have in your hands a tool that will guide you through what's needed day by day over the period of a week. That way you're not trying to eat the elephant all at once. The unpredictable nature of marketing your business will start to disappear, as you move through the necessary steps needed
to make your marketing efforts more effective than ever before. Some of the ideas you may already be implementing, while others may well be new to you. Either way, putting them together into a proven system will enable you and your business to thrive, regardless of the economic climate you find yourself in.
You're about to learn, in a week, how you can have a marketing system that enables you to attract, win and keep more customers and, as a result, build your sales and your profitability.
- Sunday: Preparing the ground
- Monday: Attracting the right type of customers
- Tuesday: Keeping your customers longer
- Wednesday: Increasing customer loyalty and purchasing frequency
- Thursday: Increasing the value of your sales
- Friday: Getting new clients and better clients, faster
- Saturday: Measuring and managing your marketing activities

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