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Global Code How a New Culture of Universal Values is Reshaping Business & Marketing

Год выпуска: 2015-09-29
Автор: Clotaire Rapaille

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Publisher Comments

For decades, Clotaire Rapailles work focused on how peoples relationships with the most important concepts in their liveslove, health, and money, for instanceare guided by subconscious cultural messages. But recently, he has uncovered a new phenomenon: a "global unconscious," or core values and feelings that are consistent worldwidethe result of our constant interconnectedness. He has also identified a new group who are paving the way for the future of decision-making: the Global Tribe. These individuals are fluent in the language of culture, untied to any notion of nationalism or ideology. They are defining the key values driving our new world economy, with profound implications for how companies market their products and services.Rapaille takes us on a journey through China, Brazil, India, England and everywhere in between to discover the new standards for luxury, pleasure, technology and education. How can elite brands compete in a world of knockoffs? How can universitiesmaintain their prestigewhen acheap masters degree ordoctorate is only a click away? We must speak the language of the Global Tribe in order to succeed.Building on seven years of research, Rapaille analyzeshow thisnew mindset has taken hold in various regions, and how marketers and service providers can tailor their offerings and marketing accordingly. The Global Code is an invaluable glimpse at how our new multi-sphere world is affecting us all.


"Marketing consultant Rapaille delivers a meandering study of the lives of an elite group of international travelers. Having explored (in The Culture Code) how one's view of the world is affected by one's local culture, here he looks at the prosperous, peripatetic group he calls the 'Global Tribe,' who share the eponymous global code. At the top of its hierarchy is 'the Court,' followed closely by their hangers-on, the Courtesans, and trailed by the well-traveled but less well-heeled Satellite Tribe, many of them 'military brats.' This motley crew exercises great influence on standards for travel, beauty, and luxury around the world, a phenomenon Rapaille has observed in the course of guiding marketers to their targets. This 'captain's log from the exploration of the global mind' proves unfortunately choppy and superficial, particularly when covering any global trend or event more meaningful than luxury goods and accommodations (genocide and terrorism, for example, get one paragraph each). While Rapaille's cantankerous tone can be entertaining, this is better read as a collection of fables for jet-setters than as a guide to truly understanding today's tastemakers. (Sept.)" Publishers Weekly Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.


The bestselling author of The Culture Code explains why marketing and social psychology must evolve to acknowledge new, universally held human values

About the Author

DR. CLOTAIRERAPAILLE is the founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide, a company that has been successfully guiding its clients' interests in marketing, brand positioning, advertising, and product development since 1976. Their global clients include Boeing, Citibank, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Georgetown University, IBM, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, LOreal,and Procter & Gamble, among other Fortune 100 companies. He lives in Palm Beach, FL.

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