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Marketing Strategies for the Home Based Business Solutions You Can Use Today

Год выпуска: 2008-01-01
Автор: Shirley Frazier

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Publisher Comments

Shirley George Frazier started out with a home-based business creating gift baskets. Through hard work and determination, she transformed herself into the paragon of entrepreneurial success. She is now the premier seminar leader of workshops for small business start-ups and, for the first time, provides business owners with secrets for marketing success, no matter the industry.

Fraziers secret is applying nontraditional strategies on a local basis to produce the groundswell and word-of-mouth reputation that a new business needs. She covers pulling Internet strategies and traditional advertising into the mix, providing a bonanza of marketing ideas to solo and small business owners and to those who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

This highly motivational, easy-to-follow, step-by-step business guide shows how Frazier marketed her business so well that she had to start new ones to keep up with her growth. Includes:

*workbook pages

*technology tactics to market your business

*sample marketing plans

Shirley George Frazier is the author of HOW TO START A HOME-BASED GIFT BASKET BUSINESS and THE GIFT BASKET DESIGN BOOK. She is a business owner marketing expert who appears at small-business workshops across the country and is often featured on TV network shows as an expert on home-based businesses.


Do you have a brilliant business idea? Are you ready to launch that perfect product or offer that much-sought-after service to the world at large, but you dont know how to best reach customers? This book gives you the tools to successfully market in your backyard and around the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Using plain language and easy-to-follow worksheets, Shirley George Frazier shares her expertise on everything from devising marketing plans that will focus your energies to getting the media on your publicity bandwagon, setting up an Internet presence, keeping your intellectual and technological property secure, and rewarding loyal customers for their business. Youll learn when to apply high-tech tools and when tried-and-true print marketing works best. Case studies and real-life examples provide affordable ideas for your marketing arsenal. Whether youre a new business owner or longtime entrepreneur, this reliable guide will take your solo or home-based business to the next level.Includes:

Sample Marketing PlansSample Direct Mail Letters, Postcards, and Flyers

News Release DistributionWorksheet

Potential Media Sources WorksheetWeb Host Comparison Worksheet

Sample Online Media Room Page

Product Creation Chart

About the Author

Shirley George Frazier, author of Globe Pequot's How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business and The Gift Basket Design Book, is a solo business owner and marketing expert who conducts seminars and workshops on small-business marketing and development across the country. She has written for and been quoted extensively in newspapers and magazines across the country and has appeared on CNBC, the Food Network, Discovery Channel, and other television stations.

Table of Contents

Marketing Solutions for the Home-Based BusinessTable of ContentsIntroductionChapter 1: Marketing Ideas Only Soloists Could CreateChapter 2: Network Marketing Solo StyleChapter 3: Put it in Print: Direct Mail Marketing TacticsChapter 4: Maximum Attention through Media CoverageChapter 5: Technology and YouChapter 6: Internet Help to the RescueChapter 7: Making Yourself a Media DarlingChapter 8: Security Issues and SolutionsAppendix

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